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Chubbs Sinatra

Chubbs Sinatra was born Kevin Zamora on 11/29/1989 in Orange, CA to a Latino mother and father, both political refugees who migrated to America in search for a better life. Raised in a primarily Spanish speaking home on the South Side of Tustin, Ca, english at first was just as new to Chubbs as it is to any foreigner. His passion for music began at a young age, he recalls fallin in love with hip-hop before he could even verbally put sentences together. As he grew, so did his admiration for music, so much he would spend hours at record stores, tracing records from artist/bands whom many would consider way before his time. At age 12 he began experimenting with freestyle rapping, getting involved in many rap cypher's/battles is what Chubbs says really got him into MC'in. It wasn't until his freshman year of High School that he got into writing lyrics down, with the intent of finally recording some material of his own. Although many of his peers admired his lyrical abilities, Chubbs was not at all comfortable nor satisfied with his music. It was around that time he decided he would work on his craft on a serious level until he felt he had found himself as an artist, as well as found his distinctive sound that he feels all of Hip-Hops greats have. With this new motivation, Chubbs has decided to link up with Best Kept Entertainment in an exclusive album deal to put forth the music he rightfully feels he is ready to create. Chubbs is currently working on his debut album which will be released through B.K.E. in late 2011 / early 2012.

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