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With the independent success of his highly anticipated debut album 'The Wrap', and his sophomore set 'Diamond In The Rough', Kaliber has once again hit the studio to begin working on his third album currently titled 'Double Down'. Working with his same team of producers as well as with the growing buzz he has created, Kaliber hopes to take his musical aspirations to a higher level.

In January of 2008, Kaliber secured a contract with DMX Music (The Largest Distributer of Retail Music in the World) enabling him and his entertainment group Best Kept, to have their music played nationwide with the potential of reaching over 100 million people every day. Just a year earlier, not only had Kaliber booked him and his group over a dozen shows in their county, but he shot, directed, and edited 5 independent music videos earning him the award for Best Orange County Independent Artist of 2007.

Working constantly day in and day out on new material and creative approaches for promotion, Kaliber hope’s to add fuel to the fire thats been spreading throughout O.C. With production from his brother Double A (Best Kept's in-house producer), Tracksmith of Strollin Wreckless, and various other OC producers, Kaliber has nothing but high hopes and expectations for 'Double Down'.

Using music to escape the pressures of life, Kaliber has been able to overcome many obstacles that life has thrown in his direction. With musical inspirations like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Kanye West, Will Smith, and Boyz II Men, he was introduced to an art form that allowed him to express his emotions on paper. As a musician he feels that the delivery of a message, as presented by the artists who inspired him, is the most important element in creating music.

In his quest to achieve his goals and break record high temperatures, he shall continue to add to this very intricate and diverse culture we know as Hip-Hop, in attempts to get his views, ideas, and beliefs across to people worldwide. With shows, videos, group ventures, and a new album on the way, 2015 promises to be a hot year for Kaliber and anyone down to come along for the ride.

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